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901 N Lincoln Park Rd
Van Alstyne, TX, 75495
United States

Macklin Missile Works is a website for purchasing hobby model rocket components, such as launch stands, launch controllers, and fin jigs.  We also provide contacts to the model rocket community.


Frequently Asked Questions

So you tried to do it yourself?  Please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions... and maybe we'll have your answer!  If not, contact us and we'll add it to the list.


Q:  Can't I just build my own fin jig?  

A:  Sure, and we will gladly sell you the plans for $12 via Paypal.  But you'll require some tools such as drill press, router, table saw, aluminum cutting saw, and preferably a CNC wood cutting machine.  Why not let us do that for you, so you can get back to building rockets :)


Q:  I don't see the original model rocket sized fin jig on your website, where can I buy one?

A:  Visit our vendor website, where you can buy the original Guillotine Fin Jig which fits all standard Estes sized model rockets.  Apogee also sells a wide variety of model rocket components for the DIY enthusiast.





Q:  What are the standard safety rules for model rocketry?

A:  The link below shows the guidelines for model rocketry.

We recommend going over the safety rules above if you are new to the hobby.  If you are working on an amateur rocketry project that deviates from the NAR (National Association of Rocketry) rules,  you would need to do your research and check all applicable laws, including but not limited to FAA regulations for flight and DOT regulations for transport.

Q:  Can I build my own rocket engines?

A:  Yes, however there is a great deal of information regarding performance, safety, and legality  that need to be considered.  We don't sell rocket engines or materials, but we understand the need for the hardcore DIY enthusiast to experiment.  Feel free to contact us at and we'll be glad to discuss any  Do-It-Yourself projects you may be considering.



Product Styles

The style of our products may vary as new parts and construction technologies become available.  We also revise our designs based on user critique, so we value your feedback.