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901 N Lincoln Park Rd
Van Alstyne, TX, 75495
United States

Macklin Missile Works is a website for purchasing hobby model rocket components, such as launch stands, launch controllers, and fin jigs.  We also provide contacts to the model rocket community.

DESIGN DRAWINGS - Original Guillotine Fin Jig

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Browse our products now for sale at Macklin Missile Works!  Our model rocket tools and products will save you time and make building and flying rockets easier and more enjoyable!  

DESIGN DRAWINGS - Original Guillotine Fin Jig


DESIGN DRAWINGS - Original Guillotine Fin Jig


Purchase the original design drawings for the Macklin Guillotine Fin Jig.  These design drawings will build the small fin jig as used for Estes sized model rockets.  For fully a fully assembled version, visit

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